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Argus Leader: Pistol permits finally get modern look

The number of permits issued annually in the state has more than tripled since 2006, to more than 30,000 per year. There are currently 96,000 active permits in the state, and the Secretary of State collected $209,497 in fees in fiscal year 2016. Whenever a shooting grabs headlines, Krebs said, the numbers go up. There have been 1,200 applications in January since a mass shooting at the Hollywood International Airport in Fort Lauderdale.

Argus Leader: State streamlines with online business filings

In an average year, there are about 7,500 new corporations and limited liability companies formed in the state. Last year, the office handled more than 66,000 annual reports from existing businesses. The filings are a revenue generator for the office. It was projected to bring in $5.9 million for the state’s general fund in 2015 and instead brought in $7.5 million. Krebs credits that to efficiency and operating like a business. “The entire state of South Dakota exceeded revenue projections by $10 million, and 15 percent of that unexpected increase came from the Secretary of State’s office operating like taxpayers expect.

Kelo: New Conceal Carry Permit Cards In South Dakota with Video

"We are debuting the new-looking card, from the somewhat old library-looking card to the new, like your drivers license card that has the reflective hologram on it," said Secretary of State Shantel Krebs. With more than 96,000 active permit holders in South Dakota, the state is hoping a new design will increase the efficiency of producing new concealed carry permits and lower their cost. "We're excited to tell you that we've hit all-time record highs of issuing the new and renewed permits out of our office with over 30,000 being issued in this past year," said Krebs.

KSFY: Lawmakers in Pierre are debating a repeal of Initiated Measure 22 Video

Krebs says she believes the voters main concern is the out-of-state money going to initiated measures. “I specifically addressed one of the top complaints from constituents coming into my office was the amount of money being spent on ballot measures,” Krebs said. “Nine out of the 10 dollars spent on ballot measures were from out of state.”