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Secretary of State encourages young voters to participate in civic duty (w/Video)

The average voter turnout for South Dakotan’s 30 years–old and younger is only 36–percent, below the national average. And that's why secretary of state Shantel Krebs was at spearfish high school, as part of her "value the vote" tour. Some students are getting Kreb's message, that it's not only important to vote, but to be an educated voter.

Absentee Voting Starts Friday In South Dakota w/Video

“A citizen that’s registered to vote in South Dakota, they can go down to their country auditor’s office and vote there with a valid photo I.D.,” Krebs said. “If they don’t have a valid I.D. with them, they can sign a personal identification affidavit and then vote a regular ballot. For those citizens that are serving overseas as our military men and women, or citizens living overseas, they can request an absentee ballot via an email or fax to their county auditor. That county auditor then will email that ballot to them.”

Every vote matters, state official says (with Video)

South Dakota's secretary of state traveled to Mitchell on Tuesday to ask students to do their civic duty: vote. "We are here to educate our students in the high schools how each vote counts and why they need to be an educated voter and the value of participating in their civic duty," S.D. Secretary of State Shantel Krebs said. ...On average, only 22,000 of 105,000 registered voters aged 18 to 30 vote in a national election. By comparison, 35,000 of 47,000, about 75 percent, of registered voters aged 71 to 80 show up.

South Dakota voting simplified through app (News Center 1 Video)

It just got a little easier to cast your vote in South Dakota. Secretary of State Shantel Krebs announced Friday that voters can access the Vote 605 App. Krebs saying that the app gives South Dakota voters the ability to find out where they are registered to vote and their polling location. All the information will be right at your fingertips.