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Summit on Civic Engagement gets people talking face-to-face

“I was hoping to get some ideas and some stimulation,” she said of the day-long seminar put on by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Chiesman Center for Democracy in Rapid City... ...“Earlier the (state)Secretary of State Shantel Krebs said when they ask young people why they don’t vote, it’s because they don’t trust the people who are running.”

After secretive funding in primaries, Krebs plans campaign finance review

Jason Williams said Krebs intends to convene a summer subcommittee with representatives from the Legislature, the state Board of Elections, and the business community... Proposed changes will be presented at the October meeting of Board of Elections. “She wants the review to ensure that the public and candidates have access to information that clearly identifies who is funding political committees when the information is most relevant,” Williams said. “The full review of campaign finance laws would also help to make them more straightforward and easy to understand for candidates,” he added. The announcement of the Krebs plan came in the wake of a newspaper report last weekend detailing some of the secretive practices during the June 7 primary campaigns.

Krebs Not Ruling Out Running For Higher Office w/Video

"I see an opportunity for things like zero based budgeting. I want to challenge those state agencies to do so. I want a full review of all the taxes. Why these taxes have been imposed and where do they go? That review hasn't been done since the 1970's, so when you say that, I think there's work to be done." Krebs said. Krebs says her passion is restoring trust in government and that it begins with accountability and transparency.

SD Secretary of State: 22 percent voter turnout in primary

The Secretary of State's office says about 22 percent of voters cast ballots in South Dakota's primary election. The office said Wednesday that Republican turnout was roughly 27 percent, while the Democratic primary saw 17.5 percent turnout from party members and independents. Secretary of State Shantel Krebs had projected turnout of 20 to 25 percent in the Tuesday election.