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Krebs tells SD what Gant wouldn’t on concealed handgun permits

It wasn’t the figures themselves that threw me off, but rather the fact that Krebs offered them so freely. Kreb’s predecessor, Jason Gant, told me in 2013 that I couldn’t have that information. More specifically, Gant initially told me in an email exchange that he’d have to charge the Argus Leader $351 for six hours of labor to create a county-by-county report, then changed his mind, writing “The more I think about it, I dont (sic) think I can give that to you anyway because these are confidential records.” Ferguson got her information from Krebs on Tuesday in less than three hours.

An encouraging word from a visiting professor

HURON — Doug Pietz takes a very pragmatic approach to teaching his Business 101 Class at the Huron Community Campus. To that end, Pietz’s speaker on Wednesday night, S.D. Secretary of State Shantel Krebs covers all the bases... “As Secretary of State, we strive to make sure — with the Department of Revenue and Department of Labor — that businesses are filing the correct documents for their business. We will provide the guidance and information that you need,” Krebs said, “or we will direct you to the right person or department.” But Krebs also has street cred as a former business owner herself. For many years she owned and operated The Red Shoe, a boutique shoe store in downtown Sioux Falls.

Krebs: Sec. of State office emphasizes customer service: ‘We work for you’ she tells taxpayers

“It took us nine months, but as of September we are current in every aspect of our office,” she said. Bankers, lawyers and others who frequently access the office can check on her website where the office is in processing applications and filings. “I am just as frustrated as you are and you should be frustrated,” she said of the past. She is hoping her office is setting a precedent for other state agencies. “If we’re going to get behind, we need to let the citizens know,” Krebs said. “I feel I owe it to the state to restore the public trust.”

Krebs speaks about turnaround at SoS office

Another positive arrived in the area of finances. Krebs said that filers pay user's fees for business operations such as liens and UCC code applications. During the past half-year, the user's fees collected have increased by $1.5 million to $7.5 million in total. Krebs said that money goes into the state's general fund.