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SoDak Liberty - Krebs focusing on a 5 point plan

Shantel Krebs focusing on a five point plan in the SOS race. Last week I took some time to chat with Shantel Krebs, the Republican candidate for Secretary of State (SOS). I’ve spoken with her a few times over the last year. But this is the first time I asked for her vision of what she would do if elected into the office. Krebs has three competitors in this office: Lori Stacey of the Constitution Party, Angelia Schultz of the Democrat Party, and Emmett Reistroffer of the Libertarian Party. The other candidates should take note of Krebs plan to make sure they compete with her whole overall vision. If the other candidates cannot compete in all areas I believe she will be very hard to beat in an election.

Shantel Krebs Wins Republican Nod for State Office - KELO AM

Republicans nominated a South Dakota legislator as a candidate for Secretary of State at last week’s convention. Shantel Krebs says if elected she’ll focus on customer service, business filings and restoring confidence in the petition filing process. She says the petiton process has come under scrutiny in the last primary election.