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Krebs speaks about turnaround at SoS office

Another positive arrived in the area of finances. Krebs said that filers pay user's fees for business operations such as liens and UCC code applications. During the past half-year, the user's fees collected have increased by $1.5 million to $7.5 million in total. Krebs said that money goes into the state's general fund.

Jackson County will open voting site in Wanblee

Krebs has been willing since taking office in January to use HAVA aid to expand the use of absentee voting centers in reservation areas where concentrations of Native American people live long distances from courthouses.

SD Secretary of State’s office efficiency improving

In less than a year, the South Dakota secretary of state’s office has gone from crisis mode to organized. South Dakota’s Secretary of State Shantel Krebs said she walked into her new office in January to piles of documents that hadn’t been filed for four years and a backlog of requests that hadn’t been addressed in a timely manner. Now, less than a year later, she’s drafted a budget that aims to spend $465,000 less and wants her budget to operate on 15 percent of the fees it collects. She’s also unveiling ways her office can more efficiently field requests.

Suspect named in original state flag caper

Secretary of State Shantel Krebs noticed the flag was missing when she took office. After an internal investigation failed to turn up the flag, Krebs asked Legislative Audit to conduct a review of the assets and finances in her office. The attorney general’s office began investigating in July. The flag was removed from a pole where it had been on display in the office after it started to rip, Gant said. “There was a closet in the elections office that we stored it in,” he said. It was a closet DeVries had access to. Gant wanted to get a display case that would show both sides of the flag but that didn’t happen before he left office. The original 1909 state flag is hand-sewn and painted. Krebs said she wants to see the flag properly stored and displayed at the Cultural Heritage Museum.