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KELO: South Dakota Secretary of State Modern Day Annie Oakley w/Video

"As I was walking across the stepping stones, right there underneath one of the bushes was the rattlesnake and I stopped dead in my tracks," Krebs said. Krebs typically patrols her property like any good rancher -- donned with snake boots and her pistol by her side -- but she'd been in a hurry to gather up anything that could blow away in the storm and had skipped both this time. “It's amazing how adrenaline kicks in, but you do start to think rationally--okay what do I do? I'm not going to move, I'm going to move slowly. But I wanted my gun,” Krebs said.

KELO: Campaign Finance Reform To Go Before Voters And Lawmakers (with Video)

"In an effort to make campaign finance more transparent and straightforward, the secretary of state's office will review campaign finance laws with a summer subcommittee." Krebs says there hasn't been an update to campaign finance laws since 2007 when the legislature voted to stop anonymous political campaign contributions after a $750,000 donor to the anti-abortion campaign was kept secret. Krebs says it's time to fine-tune those laws even more. "There's been a lot of activity, specifically with these ballot questions and ballot measures. There's a lot of money coming in. But also with more candidates on the ballot, we just want to make sure." Krebs said. "The bottom line is, we want to know and I think the citizens, it's about transparency. We want to know where that money is coming from, how it's being spent."

Summit on Civic Engagement gets people talking face-to-face

“I was hoping to get some ideas and some stimulation,” she said of the day-long seminar put on by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Chiesman Center for Democracy in Rapid City... ...“Earlier the (state)Secretary of State Shantel Krebs said when they ask young people why they don’t vote, it’s because they don’t trust the people who are running.”

After secretive funding in primaries, Krebs plans campaign finance review

Jason Williams said Krebs intends to convene a summer subcommittee with representatives from the Legislature, the state Board of Elections, and the business community... Proposed changes will be presented at the October meeting of Board of Elections. “She wants the review to ensure that the public and candidates have access to information that clearly identifies who is funding political committees when the information is most relevant,” Williams said. “The full review of campaign finance laws would also help to make them more straightforward and easy to understand for candidates,” he added. The announcement of the Krebs plan came in the wake of a newspaper report last weekend detailing some of the secretive practices during the June 7 primary campaigns.