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KSFY: What to Know for Primary Election Day (Video)

She is encouraging people to go out and vote even if they believe the presidential race is already decided. "Our local races, whether it be a school board race or a city council race or a county commission or a legislative race, those are just as important and they affect us just as much as citizens and taxpayers. So i really encourage everyone to participate and be a part of the civic process," said Secretary Krebs.

Secretary of state looks to the future

South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs met last week with the Black Hills Forum and Press Club to talk about transparency, budgets and politics. It would be hard to overestimate her potential in South Dakota's future. While she demurred from answering whether she would be interested in running for governor, it was clear she may. And it was clear, at least to this observer, that she has the right stuff.

Secretary Of State At Black Hills Forum And Press Club

Krebs says she recognizes many people no longer trust their government. “In my office I hear that every day because of what I walked into. I walked into a crisis situation where things were behind, we lacked the integrity in the office because things weren’t being done. We had a state flag, the original state flag that was stolen from my office under the previous administration, why would you not trust your government? That state flag was returned to my office in October of last year because you as citizens of South Dakota deserved…it had to go from clear to Washington D.C., our FBI, DCI, back to South Dakota,” says Krebs.