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KSFY: Lawmakers in Pierre are debating a repeal of Initiated Measure 22 Video

Krebs says she believes the voters main concern is the out-of-state money going to initiated measures. “I specifically addressed one of the top complaints from constituents coming into my office was the amount of money being spent on ballot measures,” Krebs said. “Nine out of the 10 dollars spent on ballot measures were from out of state.”

NRA Talks with Secretary Krebs about All-Time Record Number of Concealed Carry

Over 30,000 concealed carry permits were issued in South Dakota in 2016, an all-time record high. Secretary of State Shantel Krebs says that with 96,000 active permit holders, 1 in 6 South Dakotans are now concealed carry permit holders. She explains...

KELO Video: Record Year for South Dakota Concealed Carry Permits

There are a few reasons why Secretary Krebs says there has been an increase. Those include the San Bernardino shooting last year, and the back and forth between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. "We can see a direct correlation when there's a national tragedy or an event or even a presidential candidate that talks about restricting our 2nd Amendment rights," Shantel Krebs said.

KELO AM: Daugaard, Krebs blast new IM 22 law

Secretary of State Shantel Krebs is also highly critical of the new law, designed to improve ethics in government and fight corruption, because of all its unintended consequences. "It's going to cost some money and obviously staff," Krebs tells KELO Radio. She says the computer tracking system required by the new law could cost at least $500,000. She says the new law is complicated and confusing. Many organizations have canceled their annual get-togethers with state lawmakers for fear of running afoul of the new law.