Meet Shantel

Buckle up ‐ I am running for Congress to get things done and I need your support!

South Dakotans have an incredible opportunity to reform our federal government. The time for complaining, pointing fingers and being frustrated is behind us – I am running for Congress because we have just 1 voice out of 435. We need a leader with a proven voting record and a track record of holding members of both political parties accountable for their promises. We need to work together to get the job done.
I am humbly writing to ask you to join my grassroots team as I run for United States Congress.
For only the 3rd time in 64 years, Republicans control both chambers of Congress and the Presidency. It happened in 1953 under President Dwight Eisenhower for a fleeting two years and again 48 years later under President George W. Bush from 2003‐2007. The last time Republicans had this kind of authority, they lost their way and voters gave Democrats nearly total control of the system. That brought us Obamacare, a business killing EPA, runaway spending, attacks on our 2nd amendment, open borders, assaults on our religious freedoms ‐ and we were one election away from losing the Supreme Court for a generation.
We can deliver an even better future for South Dakota.

4th Generation South Dakotan

As a fourth generation South Dakotan, I grew up on a farm near Arlington in Kingsbury County. While growing crops my dad was a truck driver and started their own business hauling grain and cattle while my mom did the bookwork. My parents taught me the value of hard work and accountability by doing chores.
Like most farm and ranch kids I learned and lived the basics of South Dakota economics and life: get up early, work as hard as you can, mind your own business, say your prayers, get a good night's sleep and start the whole thing over the next day.
An entrepreneurial spirit was instilled in us at a young age. I started my own business when I was just ten years old when I bought by my brother's used push mower and earned $4 a yard. I learned how to pay my expenses and stick to a budget from my mom. Many of my customers would invite me in for cookies when the job was finished. I learned a lot from the people in my community who encouraged me. In South Dakota, we know our neighbors and our representatives. We know that dedication to community service is a part of life.
As I got older I followed in my sister’s footsteps working as a waitress at the City Cafe in Arlington to pay for my education and became the first member of my family to graduate from college. To this day it is my favorite job because I enjoyed serving customers and getting to know each one.
My parents taught me that opportunities are not just handed to you in life. You have to go out and earn them.
Soon after I graduated with a Business Degree from Dakota State University, a local television anchor named Mitch Krebs interviewed me for a news story. He was a saxophone player just like me and we were asked to perform for a charity event together. We were engaged a few months later and we’ve been married for 18 years this July.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

That drive my parents instilled in me is what allowed me stay in South Dakota and start my own retail businesses in downtown Sioux Falls. I’ll never forget the positive feeling I had when I first obtained my business certificate from the Secretary of State’s office.

Public Service

I have always been dedicated to my community and I decided working in the legislature would a great way to serve. I was in the House from 2005‐2011 and the Senate from 2011‐2015.
We live in a special place where most people still believe that ordinary Americans would do a better job of solving government problems than bureaucrats. We don’t have to be attorneys or come from well‐known families to serve South Dakota. We have a citizen legislature and extraordinary people.
Growing up on gravel roads and county highways drove home the belief that we need good infrastructure for transportation to get goods to market. As chair of the Transportation committee in the House I made that a top priority.
While serving in the legislature I earned an A rating from the NRA, had a 100% rating from South Dakota Right to Life and was awarded the SD Soybean Advocate of the Year and SD Corn Growers Legislator of the Year. I was selected to be a part of a multi state delegation to represent South Dakota to China where I got a first hand look at how trade works between these two countries and how it impacts our ag producers.

Agriculture – South Dakota’s Number One Industry

In 2011 I became the first woman to Chair the Senate Agriculture committee in our state’s history. As South Dakota’s agricultural economy keeps sliding, we need someone who will continue to fight for farmers, ranchers and the people who rely on strength in the ag sector.
South Dakota needs a Representative in Congress who understands agriculture and someone who can work to reform the Farm Bill. Over 80% of the nearly $1 trillion Farm Bill is welfare and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. An Argus Leader headline recently read “Food stamp recipients buy more soda than any other food.” Over $357 million dollars to be exact, and “bag snacks” came in at just under $200 million.
We must begin to reform the way government operates.
We all believe that we should take care of those who cannot take care of themselves, but we also know that a program titled with the word “nutrition” should be delivering healthy nutritional food.

Supported 10% Budget Cuts to Bloated State Budgets

Demanding good government has always been the principle I have lived by. I put my name on the line and voted to fix the $127 million 2011 structural deficit by cutting 10% from the state budget and proposing my own Secretary of State’s office budget cut of more than 10% this year. By serving in elected office I have put my name on the line, and my words are backed by my actions.

Proven Results in Reforming the Secretary of State’s office

I challenged an established elected official of my own political party. On my first day I walked into an office that had become the least accountable and most poorly run government office in South Dakota. Just like I learned while waitressing or running my business ‐ customer service must also come first in government.
Business filings were 5‐6 weeks behind (state law requires ‐ 5 days) and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings were over 80 days behind (state law requires ‐ 2 days); in other words, lenders were not informed of risk.
In my first year in office and with the help of the Attorney General and FBI we were able to welcome the return of the original hand sewn 1909 South Dakota State Flag that was stolen from the people of South Dakota in 2013 by a former office employee under the previous administration. On top of that I also requested an Audit of the office to improve government transparency.

Cutting Waste

We were able to cut government waste by eliminating a $648,000 grant for a voting program that was only used by 27 people at a cost of almost $24,000 per person.

25% Increase in Revenue, Without Raising Taxes

The Secretary of State’s office was projected to bring in $5.9 million to the general fund in fiscal year 2015. By running efficiently, operating like a business, and meeting statutory compliance, we were able to generate an additional $1.5 million for a total of nearly $7.5 million turned over to the state’s general fund – a 25% increase in revenue. This is revenue generated by the customers who utilize the office. The entire state of South Dakota exceeded revenue projections by $10 million that year and 15% of that unexpected increase came from the Secretary of State’s office operating like taxpayers expect under my executive leadership.
With our steadfast commitment to responsive government, we were able to turn the Secretary of State’s office around by providing customers the technology upgrades to file business documents online. We got the job done because we proved that the Business Service Division in the Secretary of State’s office is a revenue generator when managed properly.
We currently handle over 325 types of transactions and over 75,000 corporation annual reports are filed with the Secretary of State yearly.

Stopping Voter Fraud and Securing Our Elections

I believe President Trump should look to South Dakota as a model for ballot security. One of the first things I would like to see Congress take up is requiring all 50 states to participate in the interstate voter crosscheck.
We’ve gotten the job done in South Dakota ‐ now let’s get the job done in Washington, DC!
I am the only person running with a proven track record of turning around a failing government bureaucracy with zero based budgeting and a bottom up work environment rather than top down. We have restored the Business Service Division to a standard worthy of respect from our customers and taxpayers across South Dakota and the nation.
We can get that same job done in Washington, DC.
I believe we must send a proven leader to Washington, DC who will work to reform the tax code, improve free market health care solutions and cut burdensome regulations that will ensure the next generation of South Dakotans has even better opportunities.
I will work for the change that we South Dakotans expect and deserve by taking our can‐do, get‐it‐done attitude of service to Washington, while reflecting our values, spirit and rugged independence that has made us great. Get It Done.


South Dakota has one voice in Congress and I’m asking to be yours. I need your help. Throughout this campaign I will actively take our conservative message of reforming Washington, DC directly to the people of South Dakota. In order to win, I need your support. Your contribution will ensure a conservative voice represents you in the United States House of Representatives.

God bless,
Shantel Krebs